A Non-Blogging Blog… What Good Is That?

Posted: February 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

OK… so, having a blog of my own was a cool idea, right? I mean, what better way to express my thoughts and get them out there? Somehow, my conception of a good idea and then getting it done have been on the extreme opposite ends of the blog spectrum. Easy to set up and get established and extremely difficult to maintain.


You see… I really do not like to write. Oh, I had high aspirations… but high aspirations take conviction and determination and sheer grit to do. And… keeping up a blog, obviously wasn’t high on my “things I’m really dedicated to get done” list. Truthfully, I’d much rather sit down with a person over a cup of coffee and have a conversation. That’s my “cup o’ Joe”! But, I still feel the need (more recognize the value) to practice writing and get better at it. So, would you excuse me as I talk to myself for a bit? Thanks!

“So, here’s the deal self. Push yourself to write a little bit now and again. And none of this two years in between posts stuff. Realize that you don’t have to “rock the world” with the depth and weight of your thoughts… just write. Write about the stuff that is important to you. Write about what you love. Write about what you are passionate about. Don’t stress over regularity or who’s reading your blog. It doesn’t matter… you are writing to practice writing. OK? Deal? Deal.”

Well, here it goes. A restart perhaps? A jump start maybe? The desire hasn’t changed. Just need to place writing higher on the priority list.


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