Doctrine Must Be Accompanied By Delight

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Delight, Doctrine, Issues of the Heart, Knowing God, Relationship

WOW!  It has almost been a year since I wrote anything.  It is a challenge to my personality to sit and write my thoughts… A challenge that I have not accepted well.

This morning I was listening to a John Piper sermon when he said something that really piqued my thinking…

“The devil has had more theologically accurate thoughts about God in the last 24 hours than you will have in a lifetime.

Satan’s problem is not doctrine (or accurate thinking about God)… it is DELIGHT!!!” – John Piper

Do you delight in God?

Dear Christian… Although it is important to have accurate thoughts about God by knowing His Word, your life will not be changed if your delight is not in Him!

Take time to know Him and turn your face toward Him and find your soul’s delight in Him!

  1. Tim Douglass says:

    So very true. Satan knows God and believes in Jesus – but not unto salvation!

    And I fully understand the not writing in the blog thing. My last post in my blog was June 1.

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